According to me, me, me



Hello All, I’m back with some Happy Project Management thoughts, again, my usual disclaimer, I’m not a bitter guy, I just notice a lot of stuff, specially things we should avoid if we want to be Happy Project Managers, which I think, it’s a target for us all.


“According to me”, well, the phrase speaks for itself, there’s plenty of people around whose stubbornness will do nothing but drag them down, or worse, drag you down with them, or worst, drag yourself down alone. Who is stupid enough to act as their own advocate, or even worse, their own judge? How many times have you realized people loves the sound of their voice, so much that , “according to them” things should be always be happening in different way (their way). And there’s when you must make a decision. Will you spend your energy trying to help and hence, fighting this person, will you submit to this person or will you get the hell out of there?

These people will often deprecate, distrust, diminish and even negate or ignore well established practices, tools, ways of working, methodologies, or certifications.

I’m sure you all will agree with me, there’s no universal way of managing projects, Agile is pretty much in vogue these days and you will see many memes around, I will post on Agile later, that’s a whole hilarious buzzword these days.

“I speak enough English, I don’t need the TOEFL, people should make an effort to understand me” instead of “Honestly, I should take further lessons, study and pass the TOEFL”

“I really hate MS project, it sucks” instead of “Honestly, I don’t know how to use it”

“I don’t see any value on getting the PMP, CISSP, etc certification” instead of “Honestly, I don’t think I’ll be able to pass the test”

“I think we all should be Agile” instead of “Honestly, I really don’t know nor have the slightest idea of what Agile means, we should pursue training and a certification”

Sounds familiar? I realize how often people deprecate things with these kind of phrases with just the intention of proving that they way is better, just because they are lazy, stubborn or even ignorant.

Well, don’t be like that, you’re not as cool as you think, you are not as smart as you think. According to me, you need to get someone to validate how cool and smart you are, get a third party, a formal institution or company to prove it. Get the proper training, certifications or credentials. Well, that’s only according to me anyways. TTYL.