Don’t brag about your accomplishments

Captura2Hey there, just getting back to this blogging stuff. Looks like I had an inspirational crisis, then I took a look at the stats on my blog and realized I had plenty of visits last month. So, I want to go back and share some funny experiences about Happy Project Management. This time I will talk about bragging about the things you’ve done.

Recently, our project team was publicly recognized for a great accomplishment in a project that made a huge difference for one of our biggest customers. This publication brought joy and happiness to all. This accomplishment was published and it followed a series of happy events during the current year, but I’ll talk about all those later, since I don’t like bragging.

Let me tell you; this project was really painful, it burned a couple of guys down, from both our team and the customer’s team. But eventually, we were able to save it not once, but twice. And it looks like we’ll be around for some time. Cheers!

I thanked the team, we congratulated each other and enjoyed these milliseconds of joy. Well, at least the few of us that were still standing and were still part of the project, we lost some soldiers along the battle. At the end, this moment was bittersweet. Why? Because most of the people have issues enjoying accomplishments, moments of happiness, and even closing deals. We are not used to success, we feel uncomfortable and awkward when this happens, our mind is prepared to deal with failure, but not with success. Specially when managing projects, we tend to remember those awry projects more often than the good ones. Take a look at these conversations I’m sure you have often:

-Hey, do you remember the eagle project?

-I hated that project, it was really bad

-Hey, do you remember the gray project? We finished on time, very few problems…

-Not really… what was it about?

People enjoy being bitter, believe me, they do. Always. They like to know things are going bad so they can blame on somebody, so they can steal the thunder of your milliseconds of Joy, so they can remind you later how bad your other projects are. Well, the bad news is that you won’t be able to change this mindset, you rarely will get warmth words, so, don’t expect them. Just be sure to take some time (two milliseconds) and enjoy your accomplishments, just don’t brag about them. And be prepared for everybody to forget about it.

Don’t brag about your accomplishments, just be sure everybody knows about them.

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